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Fitting Instructions for



  1. Fit front anchor bar to rear window, behind the two uprights. angle aluminium with 2 large pop rivets 25mm higher then the highest point on the sides so as to allow water to run off tonneau cover,


  2. Attach the tonneau to the anchor bar.


  3. Firmly pull tonneau to rear hold down with suitable tape (ie) masking tape.


  4. Mark button rope hook positions at bottom of elastic loops, drill and pop rivet on button rope hooks.


  5. Attach tonneau to rear rope hooks.


  6. Mark bottom of elastic loops on sides drill and pop rivet button rope hooks on sides of ute.


  7. At front sides mark press stud positions on sides drill and pop rivet press studs.


  8. Unclip tonneau, fold forward, measure half way along each side and mark positions for bar holders. Position bar holders 5mm down from top of ute side drill and pop rivet bar holders on.


  9. Fit tonneau bar.


  1. Pull tonneau back over body to rear and attach loops to rope hooks.

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